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​Looking to refresh your flooring?

​Chemong Home Hardware Building Centre has a wealth of options in material, colour, and designs to choose from; each with its own unique benefits. Vinyl flooring and laminate flooring can simulate the appearance of wood or tiles at a more budget-friendly price. Composite flooring offers dimensional stability along with good dent the scratch resistance. Investing in classic Hardwood flooring is worth the benefits of its extremely long-lasting life and its ability to be refinished. 


Engineered wood flooring is ideal for use in areas where solid hardwood flooring cannot be installed, such as basement areas below grade or over a concrete floor. It looks like solid hardwood but is structurally designed to perform better with much less risk of warping or splitting. 


Tile flooring is stain- and water-resistant, which makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Once you’ve chosen your flooring material, you’ll want to consider Area Rug options. The right living room rug can anchor the space and enhance your furnishings. Dining room rugs, bedroom rugs, entryway rugs and even kitchen runners can also add warmth and ambience to their environment.

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